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■3D-LOTUS.COM”SKUNK3″ manual Ver1.03 correspondence

■Initial setting
■Advance in scenario mode
■VS mode
■Event mode
■How to play a card battle
■The method of an attack/defense
■Each part explanation
■Each status
■Details of a card
■Critical attack
■”Special attack and battle card”
■Camera operation
■Capture of an event scene

■Initial setting

Screen setup:

It becomes full-screen fixation.


The frame speed of 3D screen is set up.Please adjust according to the power of PC.

Texture size:

The size of the texture of an event scene is adjusted.Please adjust according to the performance of a graphics board.

polygon mesh smooth:

The mesh of the polygon of an event scene is made smooth.

Since it becomes quite heavy, the power of PC has room and please turn ON at a case.

Sound adjustment:

Please change into liking.

Adjustment is possible also from the interface of the inside of a game “battle”, and an “event.”

■Advance in scenario mode

Mr. Player leaves decision-making of other world king Zak of a tale.

A key person is beaten and a castle is captured.

Appointment of a battle, and a battle and little selection —

In scenario mode, only Sybil can use it the first stage.

By clearing a scenario, it gets and goes and equips a boss game with a monster or the heroine.

The heroine and the monster which were gained in the scenario can be opposed in “VS mode.”

Also the event which was not able to be seen in a scenario —

VS mode

The monster and the heroine who gained can be made to fight in VS mode.If this battle is defeated, option equipment and an additional event scene can be got.


The battle of the heroines and beasts cannot be performed.

Event mode

Execution [ whole scene ] is possible again in the event seen until now.The gained equipment can also be checked here.

■How to play a card battle

A battle separates to an attack and defense like baseball,A damage is decided by the affinity of the attack of six kinds of cards, and defense.

■the method of an attack/defense

A rule is the point of “janken.”Seven cards displayed on a lower card console perform control of a battle.As for the kind of card, the card of 6 sorts of full-main card 10 power is shuffled,Seven sheets are distributed to a player and an enemy character.

A player clicks and chooses a card with a mouse and performs attack and defense.

* Seven cards distributed are taken from a card mountain, respectively, and if a card is used, they have structure like the cards returned to a card mountain.

It cannot have two or more same cards.

■Each status

■Each part explanation

■HP : hit point ■AP : Armagh point ■point : fight
hit point: It will be defeated if this is set to 0! Armor value: It is the defense power of armor. The thing which can choose a special card is decided.Although all the special cards can be chosen by MAX at first, it decreases, whenever it uses a special card.
Increase: Use HP recovery work.Reduction: Receive a damage.Work is received. Increase: Make an attack successful.An attack is avoided.It recovers by HT recovery.Reduction: Receive an attack.An attack goes wrong.The work of fight reduction is received by critical attack.

■Other status
●Skeleton mark

It is a level of the curse which has started.

If large, the effect of a recovery system will become weaker.
●Eyeball mark

The state to which the “card sacrifice work” which can be used by some monsters is applied.

■Details of a card

■ Give and push down a damage on a partner.A damage is decided by the affinity of the attack of six kinds of cards, and defense.The number beside a card expresses the strength of an attack and defense power.The affinity of cards should look at the following.

■Critical attack

A special attack which gives a partner a large damage depending on the affinity of a card can be delivered.
The card then distributed is a fixed card which calls it a special card and makes a partner deliver a special attack.

■”Special attack and battle card”

It is a card which a partner can perform only at the time of critical.
There are various actions and effects.Please look at the following for details.

■Sibil special card.

■Sofia special card.

■Figaro special card.

■Ambrosius special card.

■god Bibil special card.

■Marine special card.

■Camera operation


■ The button county at the upper right of a lower console becomes camera control.
A viewpoint change is freely made during a battle.

■Capture of an event scene

■ Cardiac-beats meter : they are the heroine’s cardiac beats.If it becomes full, a level will go up and selection of different action will be attained.

■ LV meter : it is the present level.

■ Action button : action according to the present level can be performed.

■ Rushes : it is action corresponding to rushes and can perform “setting on.”

■ Break and break equipment of the mode:heroine.It is also possible to dress the gained option equipment again here.

■ Finish button:

Finish! .

■ Camera control:

A viewpoint and an angle are changed into liking.

“3DCAM” is a normal viewpoint.

“EYE CAM” is changed to a monster viewpoint.

(Only as for the corresponding monster, “EYE CAM” can be performed)
■ Sound menu:

Volume, such as fine music, SE, and voice, can be adjusted.

FPS (frame speed) can be changed at any time, when heavy, or when generous.